Horse as a symbol in Art – The Apocalypse

In the cycle of paintings ” The Apocalypse ”, young artist Milica Savic focused on the symbol of horse. As stated, Professor Anđelka Bojović ”She presents a horse, in a whirl, with a powerful energy performance, drawing and painting momentum, strong colors, which is actually, conflicted inner state of Milicas personal creativity process. The horse throught the hist0ry is eternal artistic inspiration, that has not spared even her, but she managed in her idea of placing ,,the horse,, to the viewer as exciting as possible, in a way that the audience can experience a spiritual fulfillment.” 
The horse is a symbol of strength, power, endurance, domination and control over the environment.

During the Renaissance, it has become a symbol of sexual passion, and what remains in today’s psychoanalytic attitudes. In a broader sense, the symbol of the fierceness of desire, with all the taste, wealth and nobility (libido), Colt and fish with special erotic significance, as well as the act of driving.

Horse on psychoanalysts, but also a symbol of the unconscious until the horseman represents the conscious mind and they are inextricably linked. During the day Rider (conscious part of the psyche) leads the horse to a certain order until the night when the driver did not see the horse symbolizes the psychological Guide (unconsciously) to manage and secret, beyond the reach of reason. Their potential conflict will lead to disaster, which led to the triumph of style. Also, the horse and the human body, while the driver of the ego prevails.

Horses are a symbol of life, but also the connection between the earthly and the heavenly world. They are the link between all that is physically tangible and what is yet to come, which we define as an unknown, unconscious, spiritually.
As is often the passion and wilderness first association of this beautiful animal, so that the horse is psychologically linked to our senses (uncontrolled unconscious) that only we (as riders) can not tame. Pictures of horses without riders, who are fighting with each other in ecstasy apocalypse actually our thoughts and unbridled desire, passion and vanity, which are broken into open combat between good and bad, surreal and real. In the ecstasy of battle with imaginary or real becomes a struggle with himself.

,,My paintings are my inner states, stages of life – conflicts, struggles, resistance, passions, impulses, everything that makes our instincts existing. Our lives are our inner fights…” artist added.

Some the artpieces of this cycle are part of few private collections.


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