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” A man interested me for its ability to serve something higher, according to its resistance or its inability to comply with the “ordinary” morality, narrow and miserable. I’m attracted to a man who understands that the meaning of life consists primarily in the fight against the evil that he himself carries, the fight that will allow him to climb throughout life with a few steps to the perfect spirituality. Unfortunately, there is only one alternative to this path, and that is spiritual degradation to which predetermines our existence and everyday pressures … “A. Tarkovski 

Our relations are a fantastic story that takes us into the research of being and nothingness, desire and lust, the human and the superhuman, divine and demonic. Our eye floating in rusty-drenched landscape of human destiny in the stylization of superior manners. Merciless criticism of us all back and more dangerous each time stronger – those who watch can not see it yet.

The symbol of the man and what it permeates and defines its existence are relations, unilaterally or circularly formed. But although, his fate in present, necessary ,, leads him to himself ,, and this way, it becomes inseparable from the fate of other people and so ceases to be his own or coalesce to strangers.
Then he interferes in its own trap of the wishes and needs for closeness, without security and the possibility that intimacy is not only a matter of abstract experiences of him, but also of those around him. 

My future paintings will continue to be imbued by innermost feelings of our being. The being is infinite space –
an abyss of controlled and uncontrolled impulses, precious feelings and ideas. The man is longing
for second half but also a perpetual loner that feeds himself with own disaster.  Every brushe move
is worthy of this motive.


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