Art Symposium Serbia

The Art Salon of the Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac,
In August 1st, 2016 presents Group Art show of The Art Symposium “Ostrvica” participants. The exhibition consists selected works of 29 previous art participants, which were created at (“Vila Etna”) in the period from 2010 until 2016. Organizers of event are Jasmine and Filip Trnavac. Art Symposium “Ostrvica” began with Jasmin Trnavac (Prodanovic) in 2010, at the opening of Hotel “Villa Etna”. After a break of two and a half years the couple Jasmin and Philip Trnavac organized many Art symposiums in continuity. Until now, it’s held 10 art symposiums with a 29 artists ( painters, sculptors ) from different parts of the country.

Artist Milica Savic attended twice this art symposium. Once as a group participant and second time as residential participant. She created 3 paintings – ,,Metamorphosis Kukulkan,, ,,Heartless,, and Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

Paintings are in ownership of the Hotel ,,Etna,,

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