The art cycle ”Apocalypse” many times repeats a symbol of a horse represented in a whirl, with powerful energy performance, strong drawing and painting momentum, dramatic colors, which is actualy conflicted inner state of Milicas creative process. Through the history, the horse is an eternal symbol of artistic inspiration, but in this case, Milica succeeds in her idea of placing the viewer into it as exciting as possible, so the audience can experience a spiritual fulfillment.

This collection includes 16 art pieces in technique acrylic on canvas
Dimensions vary from 100 x 70 cm to 2700 x 120cm. Eight of them are part of private collections.


After spending time, ( 2014 to 2016 ) in Central America and Catalonia ( Spain ), Milica was faced with intense colors and geometrization of Latin contemporary culture masterpieces. Under the influence of it, Milica creates visual expression in strong plastic and coloristic sense but still deals with the same idea – observation of interpersonal relationships in the uprooted life circumstances. She ,,use color in a brave and courageous way, and gives the impression of someone who perfectly knows the strength and power of human emotions and passions. Her tendency toward rich and “colorful” colors fits perfectly with the intense emotion that she brings to her work. The artist clearly understands the power, strength and depth of human beings and their behavior, but also the complexity of human relationships. Therefore, Milica manages to capture subtle moments in time, turning them into a powerful experience.” This collection was exposed in House of King Peter I in 2015. 2016. 2017. and 2018.

This colection consists 25 art pieces in technique oil & acrylic on canvas.