Milica Savic, Director of Art & Technology of TSF in cooperation with the Progress Gallery, within the manifestation “Teslin Narod 2017”, organized an international exhibition of modern art (paintings, sculptures, graphics and installations) inspired by the influence and overlapping of the scientific and artistic creativity itself.

We were pleased to present the works of artists from Republic of Serbia and the region: Nikola Zigon, Jelena Krsic, Mihailo Stosovic, Gala Caki, Viktor Kiss, Dusica Pejic, Prof. Miroslav Lazovic, Gordana Tomic, Ivan Gracner, Prof. Vukasin Milovic, Aleksandra Grbovic, Angel Korunovski, Goran Cetkovic, Ivana Milev, Panagiotis Kalogiannis, Natasa Budimlija, Prof. Velizar Krstic, Prof. Manolis Yiannadakis, Tajana Kajtez, Slobodan Savic, Nenad Milovanovic, Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos, Mihailo Petkovic, Bojana Krizanec, Matej Bizovicar, Bojan Mikulic, Milica Savic.

Science and art are in a natural relationship and overlap. Both are the means of research. Both contain ideas, theories, and hypotheses that are tested at places where the mind and hand meet – in a lab or an art studio. Artists, as well as scientists, are analytically studying materials, people, cultures, history, religion, mythology and, as a result, everything transforms into information or something tangible.

The development and expansion of art forms transform the human idea from impossible to possible. Metaphorical, artist and scientist are the same.

This time, Nikola Tesla gathered us in a different way. Artistic works are their own poetics and symbolism regarding what Tesla can be, what Tesla is or what he has left us in the inheritance.

Milica Savic, Director of Art & Technology, The Tesla Science Foundation